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BCD Travel is your all inclusive corporate travel agency offering competitive ongoing corporate travel management solutions to companies across Australia. We do more than simply organise your corporate travel, we also coordinate conferences and incentives and assist staff with personal holiday planning to any destination worldwide.

Part of the BCD Global Network, BCD Corporate Travel Australia has access to a huge network of domestic and international suppliers, enabling us to source the best fares and rates available and negotiate exclusive deals for our corporate travel clients. Our state-of-the-art online travel booking tools make it all so easy.

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Tips for telling compelling data stories

We read them, from childhood nursery rhymes to epic books. We watch them in the form of movies. And we tell them when we say, “You’ll never believe what happened today!”

We’re all about stories.

Yet for a long time, stories had no place in business. Instead, the focus was on data, data and more data. Here’s the catch—when you

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City guide: Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia has evolved from a modest tin-mining town to a modern metropolis—and the city integrates the old with the new seamlessly. Historic mosques and temples stand beside impressive skyscrapers, five-star hotels and luxury shopping malls. The diversity extends to the city’s cultural composition—scattered pockets of Chinese, Indian and Malay communities make it an exciting place to explore.

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Advito’s 2015 Industry Forecast

Want to know how US airline consolidation will affect your travel costs? Looking for a strategic edge as more hotels move from traditional negotiated rates toward a dynamic pricing model?

Curious about how the sharing economy will have an impact on your corporate travel program? You’ll get the latest on these trends and more in Advito’s 2015 Industry Forecast.

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Size shrinks for carry-on bags

A few airlines have shaved an inch or more off the allowable size for carry-on bags. Make sure you’re in the know before you reach the gate. Read this USA Today article on the trend. And check out The Telegraph’s airline-by-airline guide to luggage restrictions.

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